Be deliberate.

Hey what’s up?

I’m going to start being more deliberate in the fears I face. Planning so things won’t be as random. Like in the morning, decide upon at least one particular fear I’m going to face. Because lately it’s been starting to slip out of my hands, especially since I stopped doing the daily posts!

Daily Fear Facing:

Total lack of focus today, need 50 minutes of editing while NOT doing ten other things at the same time. GO!

BOM. Failed the first attempt after 35 minutes so had to redo it, and now I had just finished an AWESOME 80 minute intense edit moment! Started the day off with allowing myself to be all over the place, and once that behaviour was established, I wasn’t able to get anything IMPORTANT done. And getting back to the structure for sure required and effort, but now I’m there again and. And no more anxiety about doing shit I’m not supposed to do just because it’s easy.

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