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I’m sitting here drinking a little bit of Rum. I have a home exam I need to turn in today. It’s been my focus since 05,30 this morning. And evening me this week. But I dared myself to try something new, so I poured myself a tiny glass for me and my brother. It’s cosey. If you know me, you know I’m not the alcohol guy. But this is a special moment? Don’t know, but I need to push myself to dare to do things, drinking alcohol scares the crap out of me because I’m afraid of dying. Damn, didn’t expect that to come out, but it’s the truth. Health and longevity is a big part of my life. But learning to accept death is also a key thing we need to go through to reach the next level of spirituality – if you ask me. Or maybe I’m sitting here writing all this because of procrastination –  not doing what I’m supposed to do. FINISHING MY GOT DAMN HOME EXAM ANALYSIS – SO GET TO IT ALEX!

Daily Fear facing:

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