It’s not as hard doing it, when you’re already doing it

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

Been an intense start of this week. Yesterday I cramed in 17 hours of work. Today a bit less. The remarkable thing whit having too much stuff to do, is that you don’t stop to think twice about those fears. You just act. Beacuse you don’t have a choice unless you want to disappoint other people. And that – to me – trumps whatever fear is in my way.  Also, you work up this great momentum.

A learning from this is that we need to build up this self-respect. To not be okay with letting ourselves down without first putting up a real fight. I’ve reached quite long when it comes to this as a result of working on my self-esteem, as it’s a fundamental part of it. But then comes the next problematic step we need to stay aware of.  Unawareness, cover-ups and the stories we tell ourselves.

You  – I – get scared of challenging yourself because you know that once it’s out there – you are going to do it! or at least fight hard and long for it. And that sucks. Hard. But that’s when the results, growth and happiness comes! That is as long as you don’t get maniac about it. Like working 17 hours in a row is just stupid. If you do it every day. Once and a while it’s good to prove to yourself what you’re made of.

Man am I all over the place today. Anyways, just came up from the gym where I faced some particular fears of mine. Making people dislike me. But, in a cause of standing up for myself! Was this guy that just let go of the cables, letting the wights crash down making a crazy loud noise. Now I’m not the gut that easily gets irritated, but that was just plain laziness as it wasn’t even that heavyweights.

I identified the fear. After a while. Tried to come up with these excuses,  like myself not being the perfect guy on the gym.   You’re such a Hypocrite! But it kept getting worse. The feeling of telling someone something that will make that person not like me, It just fu**n hard for me. Eventually, I couldn’t neglect the fact that it was a perfect practice opportunity for me to stand up for what I believed in. So I did it.

Excuse me, do you mind not just letting go of the weights like that. Hurts my ears.

He mumbled and looked away. But problem fixed and I felt proud. Nice work Alex, you successfully managed to be the winey guy! Sweet!

Routine #2 – New thing

Put Philadelphia cheese in my green tea with Kiwi.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

Put Philadelphia cheese in my green tea with Kiwi.

See you when I see you, Fear Facer,



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