Cold Approaching Girls – Facing Fears

Time for a new Week Challenge – Facing Fears! Yes, let’s get some anxiety flooding. I want to meet a girl, hence I need to be talking to girls. The girl of my dreams won’t magically fall down from the sky – NO! I need to be approaching girls with a smile on my face and try to have fun connecting conversations, and just maybe there will be enough common denominators to make some serious sparks fly! Perhaps going on an instant little date. And then a second one. And a third. And… So – let’s face my fears and throw myself into this!

 Facing Fears or Rejection therapy means that you are to expose ourselves to a social situation with a specific question, request or action in mind that puts you out of your comfort zone! For instance, approaching a cute girl asking for a date, randomly ask people for a hug. The great thing with these challenges is that it’s a win-win no matter the outcome, as long as we pull the trigger. You see this very action of approaching & asking, is in fact you taking action towards a defined goal. And if you’ve read the Six pillars of self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden, you’ll see that as long as you do things that aligns with your values, believes or goals – you build self-esteem. This means that you can’t lie or manipulate your way into getting a yes to your request. if you do this, you’ll see that your self-esteem will level up like crazy. I can say this because it’s simply my experience after practicing this actively for over a year.

The secondary result is that you desensitize yourselves from getting turned downed and rejected, and in turn learning to not be controlled by our thoughts and emotions -FEAR. Because rejections will happen, otherwise you’ve designed the challenge a bit too nice (guilty of that). Continues exposure to successfully faced fears, will simply make you conclude that you survived it the last time and felt good about it. You want to create a new association to the feeling you get inside when you’re scared of doing something. A new association that makes the connection of fear being the que for reaching a tremendously good feeling if you just push through that wall of anxiety – again. These feelings being tied to a ton of thrilling, exciting connecting and proud moments that will spice up your life. Make you feel like living, for real. Eventually, you’ll start to shape one of the best Habit Loops you can have, and It will change your life as it starts to become autonomous. But don’t get me wrong, the fear won’t disappear. But you’ll be able to stand in it.

So the Objectives of the week is to daily approach at least one girl to try and flirt with her, create a connection, and perhaps go on an instant date! It’s going to filled with anxiety, joy, laughter – the whole spectra! Especially since I haven’t been talking so much to girls lately… But I’m hungry for the challenge – and I’ll make sure to put in a serious effort! Ill’ also try to see if I can set up a tinder date as a backup alternative, in case i fail the hard way!

See you in the week?


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