How To Improve Communication Skills – Connecting Part 2

In this week’s challenge we’ll be focusing in on developing our conversational skills. It’s the second week,  & video, with the focus of connecting with people. Last week was all about that initial first approach, and this one will take us one step further on the connection scale and building rapport. This will be done by implementing a few expert tips presented in this video. We’ll then practice one technique each day this week, and ideally putt ourselves in as many conversational contexts as possible. And next week we’ll finish off with a challenge aimed to improve our ‘deep’ conversational skills.

But so why should we give a whole week’s attention to this? Well, there are tons of reasons backed up by studies. But I chose to speak from my own experience, as the results of my increased ability to talk to people simply put have made me enjoy life so much more. What I used to dread I now seek out, with both strangers and people I know. What used to drain me of energy and result in social anxiety, now gives me energy, joy, happiness and a sense of belonging. Belonging to the people of this earth.

Now this may sound cliché or over the top, but I can’t help but to feel this sense of connection to something greater when I truly connect with someone. Now this occurs more during the ‘deep’ end of the conversations, but to get there, we first need to learn how to build rapport and get past that surface level acquaintance. Hence the focus of the week!

The tips that are presented comes from the YouTube Channel Improvement Pill. I don’t owe any rights to the videos, nor do I make any kind of money from them. I simply just help to structure an implementation plan for learning these skills. All rights to him!

And so, the objectives are to focus on one of these tips per day. Otherwise we’ll get overwhelmed. Now beware, we run the risk of this happening with tip 3 and 4 to. So Dumb it down and make it as simple as possible, think about the main principles, not all the examples and ideas that are presented. For instance with the statements, chose one kind to do.

The tips

Day 1 – [ Tip#1 – Be efficient with your speaking ] @ 2:13

Day 2 – [ Tip#2 – Use Pauses instead of fillers to emphasize ] @ 3:05

Day 3 – [ Tip#3 – Conversational Threading ] @ 3:35

Day 4 – [ Tip#4 – Use Statements instead of questions ]  @ 6:00

  • Opinion statements
  • Cold read statement
  • Random/spontaneous statement

Day 5 – Implement them all, but rotate them for every new conversation you have. You can think of the Acronym  EPTS or perhaps this will make you remember; Efficient Pauses ‘Thrills’ ‘State-men’

Good Luck everyone, and let me know what you think of the tips or if you have any good ones of your own!

The last week’s videos:

The original video: Communication Skills – How To Improve Communication Skills – 7 Unique Tips! By IMprovement Pill

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