Croatia Fears

Balcony view from my room

Yo, what’s up?

Out there facing some fears, are you? Me? Been spending my first day here in Croatia. In my room. It’s a good thing I’ve got a nice view from my balcony! I’ve been prepping for my Saturday presentation. It’s basically standing in the fear constantly right now. It’s been a lot of talk about this presentation for some time, but it’s the only thing occupying my mind so… But it’s fun too, I know it’s going to be good in the end. Or at least I’ll be proud as heck for doing this!

I did, however, seek out a fear, got a bit comfortable in my room so I went downstairs to find some friends to have dinner with. Yes, it’s a fear of mine to go socialize. It’s an active thing I need to push myself to, especially when introverted me as has been caught up in my own bubble. Ended up having one of my best meals with two amazing persons.

Tomorrow the conference begins, it’s going to be intense and exhausting. But also fun. HOping I’ll be able to squeeze in some more practice time, I for sure would need it.

Now, sleepy time. Early bird tomorrow to go for a run in new terrain! speaking of new things, basically, everything has been a new experience today. So that routine quote is for sure filled!

When it comes to the fail part, well, I forgot my phone in the aeroplane seat. Luckily I realised this just after walking off the plane and was able to run back and get it. Learning – Know where you put your things!


See you tomorrow, Fear facer



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