Off to face some!

What’s up Fear facer!

No long post today, no! Need to pack, leaving town 04.00 tomorrow morning.  Flying to Croatia for an all weekend conference trip! It’s going to be really nice! …As soon as I’ve done my 2×45 min presentations. Or conversations as i prefer to call them:)

Routine #3 –  Daily Fear Facing

– what could I do, what could I do…

Social interactions. Several occasions at work today where I pushed myself to go socialize, even though  I didn’t want to!

Routine #2 – New thing:

– Opps

Forgot about this one today! Fortunately, the whole weekend is going to be overwhelming with new things and impression, so I think I’ll be alright:)

Routine #3 – Daily Fail:

– presentation

My planning… I’m still working on my presentation, haven’t got the powerpoint and the material done. Deadline for this was a week ago! BIG LEARNING – Prepare better and earlier.  Easier said than done, but it hurts now, and that’s always a good sign for remembering something!

What fears are you facing tomorrow?



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