Fear Facing Mini Adventure Saturday!

Routine #1 – Daily fear facing:

 – Went out and asked some people if they wanted to dance with me.

 Haha… I LOOVE when I can’t help but to start this blog with a feeling of just PURE joy because of my fear facing activities. I’m more and more certain that I’m on to something good with my daily fear facing routine.

Some weeks ago, I spoke about trying to have myself a weekly mini adventure to make me experience more! I defined it to focus on the experience, not the time or scale of it. It should entail at least 3 out of these 4:

– New people, or people you haven’t seen in a while

– Excitement

– New Environments

– Fear Facing

Looking back at it now, I’m realizing I should revise it as you – in my book at least – can’t have excitement without some kind of fear present. Hence I’m revising!

And today I had myself a little fear facing adventure. Now I won’t go into the details of what went down, you’ll just have to watch tomorrow’s video to find out. But the short story is that I sat out on a quest to find someone that could teach me how to dance! And boy was it an adventure!

Since the three hour that has passed since it ended, I’ve been walking on clouds. Smiling, singing out loud and just genuinely happy. Even had a spontaneous super nice moment with the cashier at the grocery store, couldn’t help but to engaging in a fun conversation with her. And I know it was a mutual experience as she gave me a discount without me even asking for it! Like I just can’t but to scream out loud


My point is, go out there and face some fears. You might just end up as happy as me. Haha… I love when I can refer to myself as some kind of measure stick;).


– Routine #2 – New thing:

 – Picture Picture

Took some photographs. Usually I only do video, but lately, I’ve been more curious at taking photos too. Being a car lover and all, I couldn’t help myself when walked past this beauty. It was a new really nice experience, and I know feel hungry for more every time I’m looking at my new wallpaper.

 …Also, the whole going out and trying to dance publicly for sure was something I hadn’t done before.

What fears have you been facing today?


See you tomorrow, fear facer,


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