Yet another Fear Facing Friday!

Now I don’t share what in this little blog in some narcists way to get seen and heard. What I write here I usually keep to myself. I do my daily journaling and reflection even if I don’t always share it with you guys. Perhaps a bit more thought goes into making sure it sounds good here, but the core of it still the same. I’ve been doing so for years. Because it gives me so much in return. I’m my own shrink. But just as important, net to my journaling ( I write everything in Onenote) I also keep track of my actions. My routines. Facing fears, trying new things, workouts, meditation etc. All that helps me be my very best, daily. At least helps a whole lot.

I share all this when I’m stupid enough to challenge myself to take on an intense blog period, because I believe it can serve you too. That’s it, that’s all.

Damn, I’m tired. Been a real hustle of a day. Still,  I’ve managed to stay true to the newfound deeply grounded great mood (check out the video further down). And I’ll know it’ll be there when I wake up tomorrow too. Now, some very short presentation of today’s fears.

                                                     Routine #1 – The daily fear facing:

  • Did a live stream this morning, and then also posted it in the facebook group comfort zone hackers.
  • Dared to sit my as down and do nothing but finish my essay I had to write. Managed to finish it just in time.
  • Allowed me to just be and think without directly going into work mood in the morning. It’s a big thing for me to let go of that control.

Routine #2 – New thing:

  • Tried a new thing in my Live stream:

Now I’m going to sleep sooo soo well!!

See you tomorrow, Fear facer,


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