GETTING CONTROL OF WILLPOWER – This week’s Fear Facing Challenge

This week’s Fear Facing Challenge

So this week’s challenge is a result of me failing on myself this weekend ( read the previous blog post). But also as a result of my willpower plummeting in the evenings lately. Ending up just eating for 2-3 hours, thinking I’m doing something of use but in reality just eating.

The result is this week’s challenge I’ve just spent the first hour of this early Monday morning outlining. I’m excited about it. I know it’s going to suck at times, but it will also benefit me like shit. The toughest one is going to be the food part. Not being allowed to eat at home – basically removing the temptation – is going to require so much of me. Eating when I get home is the best thing I know, at least comfort wise. Hence, it’s also my biggest enemy because that’s where I get stuck. The result of this is going to be very, very interesting.  Wish me good luck.

…and of course, some social fear facing will take me to some unexpected connecting moments – looking forward to that as well!

See you when I see you, Fear Facer




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