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What’s up Fear Facer? Bringing some blogging back online. Realised how much easier it is to forget doing my three routines and reflecting about them when I don’t share it publically. But not only forgetting to do them – taking them more seriously and actually prioritizing doing them when I have this social commitment/sharing embedded!

This week I’ve outlined a week challenge, which entails a lot of different details. But the big ones are to do a daily RAoFF  – what’s that you might ask? Well, it’s just me making a thing out of my thing. Random Act of Fear Facing. Check out the end of my last video where I introduced it.  But it’s simple, just coming up with something small that I can do and be done with rather quickly. For me on my walk to work. I just want to prove that time shouldn’t be an excuse for pushing yourself!


Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing

  • workout push – didn’t start out well, so I attributed a value of 10 – if I took it up a notch(!) and made it an intense awesome workout. And here I am, proud as heck for doing just that:)
  • Randomly walked up to a woman on my way home and started talking to her. She had a shitty day.  I had a good day. IIt’s so important to not let a rejection get you down – I make sure to gain energy no matter the reaction. At least I try!
  • standing my ground and letting my bosses know that I’ve got too much to do and can’t do as much overtime anymore.

Routine #2 – New thing

  • pushed me to socialize with two new people at work, started building on new relationships!

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

  • Haha.. misinterpret situation with my boss, I thought he wanted to give me a hug but he just turned around to go to the bathroom.


No time to go into the details of this week’s challenge and my mindset – need to get to work! BUT you can always check out my live stream if you want more details:).

I’ll fill in the routines at the end of the day! [Now updated]


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