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Yeah, I know. Failed on my daily-blog-post-January-challenge. My early mornings – starting the day at 04,30 for 2 hours of productive work and then hitting the gym – is for sure moving the needle on my personal projects and life overall. Which is great, and I can feel the slow, but impactful progress. But my earlier evening content creation time for sure has been suffering. Also, been feeling a bit down this week due to a whole lot of confusion (from within myself) about work.

ANYWAY, working on implementing DEEP WORK. It’s great. So great. Been working really hard on not multitasking while in focused work sessions with a defined problem and a limited time. I’m getting better at it, but god damn it’s hard. And energy demanding. For sure contributes to my “DEAD”-state at the evenings. Make sure to check it out, the audiobook can be found on Youtube: https://youtu.be/jGNiIpqWkUI

Also, I’ve been trying scheduled free time, and today I took the opportunity to randomly watch some youtube videos that caught my interest. And this one I strongly recommend to people that are a bit lost in life, but don’t know where to start. It’s the The Japanese Formula For Happiness – Ikigai !

Ops, only 14 minute left of internet time. Got some things to take care of beofre SHUTDOWN.

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