Just a regular Fear Facing Thursday!

On today’s fear facing action list:

– Being my true self 

09.00: Back at the Office after a few days of working from home. Reminding myself of this week’s theme of being assertive and standing up for myself. However, this is turning out to be a bit of a challenge as I’ve lost some of my momentum being isolated for a couple of days. Also, still not having that energy level fully back yet. Need to remind myself – Speak clearly, speak with conviction, speak your mind, be yourself. BOM. Now let’s work.

10.30: Was just asked for an opinion regarding a layout design. Spoke my mind. Especially when people ask for my opinion, I tend to hold back when there are people “above my pay grade”. But with ” speak your mind, speak your mind, speak your mind” running in the back of my head, I spoke truthfully after a “holding back” start. Liberating.

13.30: Welcome out Alex. I get more and more relaxed in expressing myself as the day progresses. It makes it easier to have fun with people and express my sense of humour. This is how it should be. But you get out of this state. It’s a fresh good. You need to keep reminding yourself, of being yourself. That’s the way to live.

16:00: I’ve had my share amount of working hours for the week. But I had also promised to come into the office to take some pictures and write a text for a mingle lunch event. I should be home resting get in well. Dilemma. Creative thinking – the new guy that I’ve heard loves his camera and I know are hungry for doing what I do. Can I…? Fear identified – outsource your task. It doesn’t break any moral codes or values of mine. He can gather the data and take some photos, send it over to me and I can put it together. Now I have to do it, take action. BOM –  problem solved.

17:00 walking home from the office. Tiered and exhausted after a long day. Feel like connecting with a random person. That always makes me happy and filled with energy. Nice view at the bridge I’m walking at…. A woman approaching. I want to ask her… It’s a bit weird. Fear identified – I want to be able to talk to anyone anywhere, at any given time. Like right now. Now I have to do it.

“Excuse me. Hi, I was wondering if you could take a picture at me?”

The nice Woman, I think her name was Pernilla, smiled and said yes. Took a photo. Made my best try-not-to-be-awkward-smile. I thanked her and then asked how her day was and chatted some. She was really nice and we had fun. She smiled and was happy, I smiled and were happy. Nothing big, but it made me feel good.  Connecting with people. It’s about the small things. Daily,

New thing(s):

  • Listened to Disney music while walking home to get in a good mood. Nice, really nice!


What fears have you been facing today?



See you tomorrow,  fear facer,



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