Just a regular fear facing Wednesday!

Just a regular fear facing Wednesday!

Okay, not all that regular. Been sitting indoors working from home two days in a row now. Caught a nasty cold that doesn’t bring out the best of me, nor the most fearful actions.

However, as I’ve said before. The most important thing is that you keep the routine, and by that the momentum, going! Low bar, high frequency.

On today’s fear facing action list:

– Wrote a comment to the CEO

We have like a Facebook flow on our internal company page and he had written something. Intuitively I started writing a question to him. But as I wrote my brain started doubting myself. “it’s a stupid question. You can ask somebody else, don’t waste important peoples time”. Ding ding ding – Fear Radar alert!

I’m not going to buy into my shitty stories. Now I must write even if it would be stupid. VIP intimidates me. They shouldn’t. They should inspire and get me hungry. I should want to talk to them. Posted the comment. Really nothing big per se, but what it stood for was big.

– Tinder responsibility  

I’ve been Tindering with a girl, I suggested that we should go on a fika. She said yes. Seems really nice. Then I haven’t opened the app in like four days. I’ve been telling myself it’s so I don’t have to get distracted by my phone. But reflecting upon it today, I also realised that part of the reason is to avoid having to go on that date. It scares me. So I opened it and wrote to her again.

– Ice Ice baby 

Yesterday I wrote about pushing my cold shower time some. Took it even further today and also brushed my teeth while doing it. Don’t know if this is the smartest move while already having got a cold.

New thing(s):

– Cashew mania

Tried not having any real food for dinner. Instead only cashews! I’ve for a long time had an issue with making the evening dinner this holy thing, spending way too much time on it. Plus, I bunkered up with 7,5 kilos of cashews. That’s 45 000 kcal! I’ve got some nuts to eat! ?


What fears have you been facing today?


 See you tomorrow, fear facer,



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