What’s up guys? Me? I’m good, thanks for asking. I’m actually mid-air somewhere over the Netherlands. You see I’m on my first ever business trip as an engineer (only been at it for 1.5 years). And me and my college Mattias are heading for Italy, a cosy village (by rumour) a 1 hour taxi drive from Venice airport. However, considering how this morning started, I’m not taking anything for granted until I’m lying in my hotel bed having wet dreams about tomorrows hotel breakfast!

You see, I have a history of notoriously messing up my traveling somehow, weather I forget something crucial or just stress out way too much over an overly optimistic time approach. But this time I had decided it would be different. I was determined! So yesterday I prepared the trip perfectly! I wrote an extensive well thought out packing list, collected all the things and crossed them of one by one as I neatly packed them into my new virgin weekend bag I’d been dying to use.

But so as the morning came – I woke up with a bit stressed out and with a gut feeling telling me something was bound to go wrong. But I ignored it and hurried on; took out my lunchbox while simultaneously brushing my teeth. It was all prepared and the bag was standing by the door, just needed to get dressed. Nothing could go wrong

The only problem was that I got such craving for jogging – which Is my usual way of getting to work. But I had mentally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen due to the close to impossible task of running with a weekend bag. The instant urge to run did however overthrow all sense of rationality and detailed plan for how this morning was going to play out.

“We can do this Alex” I thought to myself proudly for making a decision that would add some workout to my day. I shouldn’t have been. Never change your plans spontaneously 6 A.M in the morning

I throw myself in the wardrobe looking for alternatives. “Ah there you are my dear Thailand backpacking old friend”. I reached for the worn backpack, which by the look of it was half the size of the weekend bag I’d already packed. “We can make this work, we have to.”

Getting increasingly more stressed out due to the extra time this repacking takes. I know everything in the already packed bag has to come, so it’s risk free. Right? *Zhiit..*. Somehow, I manage to fit it all in and magically close it. I swear I could hear it cry for help.

Then I remember – the Passport! in the hidden pocket on the inside! “Puh, almost had me there.”  Filled with a tremendous sense of success for winning over the usual travel-failing-alex, I jumped in the jogging shoes and were on my way out the door quicker than I could think. Great success!

3,5 kilometers later I arrive at the train station, realizing that something feels off with my bag. The big zipper had unzipped, and all my clothes were exposed. “Did I dropped something? I don’t know and It’s too late to do anything about it anyways. At least I got the passport.” I sat down do meditate. BAM – it hits me  “The lunch box at the table! Damn… At least I got the passport.”

50 minutes later, standing naked in the shower room at the gym, looking down a totally empty bag. Feeling a sense of equal emptiness within when accepting that I forgot to empty one of the pockets in the weekend bag.

“I Guess I won’t be needing my phone charger, headphone charger or my watch charger. At least I got the passport… Never change your plans at 6 A.M alex. Never.“

See what I did there? This week’s challenge is all about practicing storytelling, and i just sneaked in a practice run! The idea was to follow a three-part structure that was introduced in the weekly challenge video (link). How do you think I did? Just shared an every day event that happened this morning, and that’s the idea. Share more stories, but do it in an captivating way! Not saying this happens to me every morning, but still?.

See you tomorrow guys, now I’m going to dream about my coming break fast.


P.S it’s late at the hotel room and I need to get up in a couple of hours, so I haven’t really had time to check what I wrote for shitty grammatical mistakes. Just sayin’.

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