Variety sparks new perspectives

Me and my German work colleague Daniel’s back head

Ah Italy, I haven’t really seen too much of you, yet I’m very much enjoying myself. Even though it’s an intense business trip. Now, I won’t be long this evening – got an early morning. Plus, to say I’m brain dead is quite the understatement as I’m lying here in bed trying to digest the 4000+ kcal 4 course dinner I just had. Allowed myself some breathing room after a couple of strict controlled food weeks. But you don’t care about that, neither do you care that I’m staying at some five star hotel, with an huge outdoors/indoors thermal pool and Spa. Fancy place indeed. Yet I keep going. Why?

It’s simple – variety or change, is good for you and it could be a lifesaver when it comes in the right moments. That goes for the bad changes as well, preferably only short term though. It lies some huge possibility for you to get some perspective on things – on life! Or easily accessible insights is perhaps a better way of putting it. You appreciate what you have – had – to a whole new level. and you just start thinking about how you really live your life. At least this is my experience.

When you stay at one place or position for too long; work, school, routines, place of living, life design; the everyday tends to get taken for granted. And don’t get my wrong, I’m the routine-habit guy and loves that! It has so many benefits and gives me energy to do those extra things that makes my days stand out; try new things and connect with random people, etc. But once and a while those big safety net, our comfort places like work or place we live at holds us back from letting go and leveling up. And sometimes a get a way trip and just breaking all those regular life patterns, makes you distance yourself far enough to realize that what you hold the dearest, might also be what holds you back the most. comfort, security, or just plain laziness.

So as I was lying in the thermal outside pool tonight, looking at a fulmoon through the water vaporizing, I had one of those moments when I knew something big had to change. New time. Scarry times. But that’s when you know you’re on to something good.

So do me a favour will ya? Think about what changes that you would like to happen in your life, and then think about what really is the worst that could happen if you went for it and failed. Would it be impossible to go back o what you had previously? But also, what it would mean if it actually played out well?

Sleep tight,


P.S. and Yeah, here’s an inspirational video for you by a favorutie guy of mine, brendon:

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