Ops, I did it again.

Oh, Just realized I forgot about posting yesterday. That’s a fail in itself. If something really is important to you make sure there’s s system in place for making forgetting it isn’t an option. Fail-learn – puting up a reminder.

Anywasys, I got dragged down a DEEP WHOLE OF A COMPUTER BUILD. It hijacked my mind for the last couple of hours of the day. It also made me completely INSANE since I wasn’t able to reach a conclusion for which components to buy for the CPU cooling. Bought me an I9-9900k which apparently is on fire… You don’t care about that, BUT it was yesterdays fail. Learning – bee more strategic in your evaluation process for making decisions. Can’t just jump around between different reviews, not collecting and storing data in a comparable way. Seriously made me feel really anxious and awful before finally giving up heading to bed. Exhausted after having been up since 0400 in the morning, and this being too much of a brain-activity-demanding task the last hours of the day. FAIL.

NEW FAIL-SCHOOLED ALEX – made a new more stragically deliberate effort this morning, and I’ve finally reached a decision. You need closure on things, otherwise, it will eat you up! Feels so great now.

What about my daily new thing then? Well, building a computer isn’t someting I’ve done in ages. And besides what I just described the first part when I actuallt started building with the parts I had, was great fun. It’s like being a kid again building lego. Sort of!

So to the fear facing? Had a lot of interactions at work where I pushed myself. I jumped on the boat to be the first one out doing a presentation in a meeting we had. Also, I spoke openly and directly in a very vulnerable way to a person I like very much at work. Just saying how much I really enjoyed her company and what a great person she was. And this in a non-complicated way! And some more. And all of them were the greater moments I take with me from the day. The real pay off comes when you have to work for it.

So, now I’m at par with where I should be again! Have a nice day, and go out there and kick some fears in the nuts!


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