Fears, Fails & New Experiences.

Refering to yesterday’s post for whwat I’m up to. No novel today, only logging my three actions.

Today’s Fear action(s):

  • I make weekly video presentations of colleges, and today I dared to reach out and ask one that wasn’t really an option. Perhaps not the most “daring” fear, but it intimidated me and I identified it as a fear. So I had to do it because I know it has the potential to turn out great. It’s forming that daily habit that’s important right now, not the level of “scariness”.

Today’ Fail-learning happening:

  • I was really not feeling that well last week. Healthwise. Forced me to not exercise for some days (that’s really tough for me). But yesterday I woke up feeling great (almost), so had a nice strength workout and felt good about it. Today, however, I may have pushed myself a bit hard when I ended the 9 km run at the treadmill with an intense (!) spurt. Been feeling dizzy and like I wanted to puke all day long. Need to be more patient and take better care of myself – that’s the learning. That damn dopamine kick from a hard workout is soo luring… I’ll be more aware, promise!
  • Dared to stand my ground in a customer errend for a product delivery I was very unsatisfied with. Usually, I’m way too much of a “softie”. Today I didn’t budge, without being rude in any way, it’s never personal in these errands. I ended up getting a nice compensation AND getting smiles from what seemed like a happy person helping me.

Today’ New thing:

  • I’m currently reading a book caled “Dirty genes”, which is all about how our way of living impact our genes and by that how out bodies work and how we feel. One of the tips there is to sweat a lot. So I made my entire run with a thick sweather on to make the fluids flow! And that was a new experience, sweaty, experience. Especaially sinse I usually tend not to sweat that much.

No, this is nothing special. But it’s these small things that over time ads up and make me ready to jump on the more impactful things when they emerge!

See you tomorrow, Fear facer


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