Principles for Life

Yeah, I know I haven’t really been delivering any long, in depth, blog post latley. I’ve simply been focusing on trying to figure out how to move forward with my Youtube channel. It’s hard, yet fun and exciting. I’ve come to love the process of “solving” life puzzles so much, that It almost fulfils me on its own. A mindset that has been strengthened the last couple of days after watching Ray Dalios 30 minute video summary of his book “PRINCIPLES”, like 5 times. So, today, I’m simply going to strongly recommend you to watch this, take notes and reflect upon how you could implement this wisdom in your life.

See you Tomorrrow, Fear Facer

P.S – Fears ‘ve met today.

Warm up – On my way to work this morning I told a beautiful woman that she made me genuinely happy for smiling and laughing so infectious.

The Real deal – told my boss I wanted to start working partime so I can focus on developing my content making skills – making amazing videos!

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