Smile, file, repeat

Can you get that emotionally impacted so you actually shed a tear over your own creation? Don’t call me a narcissist just yet. But honestly, when I looked through my latest ‘stranger’s smile video’ I couldn’t help myself. In the end where I summarized and compiled some of the best smiles I experienced, having all that emotions replied that intensely, it was just too overwhelming not to.

I’ve met so many incredible people who, within seconds of meeting me, have been willing to share a smile, laugh and connect with me.

To me, you are a stranger, but I bet you are totally awesome. And I’d love to get to know you, just like any other person I walk by every day to work. But, at least here in Stockholm where I live, you just don’t talk to strangers like that. Or, at least you didn’t use to. From now on, I do. Do you?

My little social experiment wasn’t only for my own egoistic sake of personal growth and joy, but also to show others that it doesn’t require much to have a special moment with a stranger.  And I hoped I managed to do just that.

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