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Hey guys and welcome to this week’s challenge, which is going to be all about making us read more! To get inspired, to learn new things, relax and partly just doing like all the other successful people in the world who so many of claim they are frequent readers! So that’s why we’re going to have 30 minutes of book reading each day, and to really make sure this happens, I’m going to have a live stream for 30 min each weekday, where there basically is going to be no talking; just me – us – sitting together silently reading. Cosy time in the coach. Now basically that is all that needs to be said about this week’s challenge, but if you like to stay tuned for a few more minutes I’ll be getting a little bit more into the why, how and also remind you of why we should do this personal development journey together.

READING BOOKS – that’s what this week is all about! Some of my biggest aha moments and points of change in life has come to me through insights and & inspiration I’ve obtained through books.  Sure you can get inspired and learn something from a five minute YouTube video, but to really take something in on a deep level, you often need to have a more solid base of understanding for it to have that more religious impact. Now just to clarify, you may read books for different reasons, I prefer personal development or books were I gain knowledge in a wanted competence area, but I put no judgement in you reading books for the pure pleasure as it as another kind of positive effect, and I leave that totally up to you to decide what it is that you want out of your reading.

Moreover, beyond the obvious reasons as books an incredible source of knowledge, broadening our language and vocabulary, inspiration or an escape route to a faraway distant place, but research shows that it has huge stress decreasing effect making you let go of things that are bothering you – getting present!  Now lowering stress hormones in our body makes us more relaxed which make book reading ideal for having it as a closing chapter at the end of the evening (given it’s not a nail-biting thriller), and as a bonus get away from all the screens and the digital world with all it’s blue-up-wakening- light! These days you almost get a nostalgia kick out of holding a regular paperback book!


Now, I actually tried to do that last week in our willpower challenge, but failed. It got hijacked by the willpower focus on a more general level. But as I’ve learned throughout this personal development experience, if you want something to really happen, then you need to but your full attention on that one thing. So this week we are going to make it an absolute must to have a least 30 minutes of analogue old school book reading each day. AND to really make sure this is happening, I’m going to make this a live stream event, now I know the time won’t be evening time for all of you guys, and many might just think the idea is stupid, but what the heck, at least it will get me reading for 30 minutes. And if you’d like to join, I welcome you, as I will be streaming live each weekday 21.00 (GMT+1) when I’m sitting in my coach reading, silently. Except for Friday when I’ll be doing a morning stream instead as I’ll be going to a Halloween party Friday on the evening.

Convert your time here so you know what time will be when it’s 21:00 in sweden:

Now I could be diving into more details concerning different reading techniques and other details related to this area, but I want to keep it simple. One book. Sitting down. Reading. Your way. Just to get started.  Then we can talk about this stuff another day. But for those that are interested; I put together a playlists with some good videos on how to improve your reading, why you should read, etc,

Link to playlist:

Lastly, just a quick reminder what we are all about on this channel, if it’s the first time visiting or if you have just forgotten about it. My whole purpose and goal with this channel is to make us – jointly – never stop aiming towards becoming best version of ourselves. I’ve personally gone through a kick as development, and I think it’s just incredible how some small daily efforts, working on ourselves, really BIG things happen to us. And I want to make more people see and feel that too!  But it does require an aimed focus to make sure that you put in that required daily effort in order for us to become that improved version of ourselves.  And I know so many people out there just get caught in the everyday life and don’t take the time to make this happen. So, to make this journey a bit easier and bring some structure into it, I each week put up a weekly challenge in broad range of different personal development areas, to guide us. Sometimes maybe a bit random, but it’s a start & I’m constantly working on how to improve this. Now, I can only speak for myself, but the amount of personal growth I’ve done these past 32 weeks is just mind-blowing. My aim is to make this fun, simple and not to time demanding, but of course this requires some getting out of your comfort zone from time to time – that’s when the real growth happens. However, the aim is always to have a result that far exceeds the energy cost we’ll need to put in.

Wish you the best of luck, see you in the week vlog!

P.S If you want some inspiration for some good book tips, here are three good ones:

Life’s Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel – Brendon Burchard

The Willpower Instinct – Kelly McGonigal –

The power of Habit – Charles Duhigg –

The TenX Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure (Unabridged) – Grant Cardone, a bit too harsh for some people, but have some golden content as well. –

Rising Strong – Brené Brown –

Anthony Robbins – Get The Edge, Personal Power ( Audio book – however the book that changed my life the most, so have to mention it) –




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