Mastering your Willpower – Weekly Challenge #31


One of the most fundamental forces that might have the most effect on our life’s is the ability to make the “right” decisions on a daily basis, it’s those decisions that transforms to actions which actually shapes the life we’re living. It doesn’t matter if you have a belief of being a good person that eats healthy and eat well if you’re still eating junk all day – it’s the actions you take that defines you. The irony is that a belief like that actually has the opposite effect; a lot of research shows that our perception of who we are, or what actions our future self will take, makes us act in the opposite direction of… Watch the video for more information on this!

We need to understand one important thing; – willpower is a finite resource! We are faced with hundreds of decision daily, and for every decision we make, our quote of available willpower decreases. With that logic, it should make sense to us that the most important things should be taken cared of as early as possible during the day. Now, taking a quick nap or going for some meditation can make you regain some of that power. And If we accept that to be true, we should also be able to understand that if we sleep too little during the night, it absolutely crushes our ability to make the right decisions. I’m sure you can relate to the amazement that strikes when we in hindsight realize that some of the crapiest food end up in our bodies – without much of resistance at all! It probably was one on those sleep deprived OR stressed out days; because stress is another factor that makes us become this bad version of ourselves. With all this in mind, the logic then follows to prioritize the most important things first throughout the day, as making the right decisions gets harder the longer we have been awake!  We might intuitively know this, but if you actually imagine yourself having a willpower bar above your head, and visualising it shrinking the longer the days go, you might get the motivation to get cracking on the most important thing first!

The objectives:

      • Chose one thing you will focus on managing this week which requires willpower
      • Answer the question thoroughly for WHY you’re doing this willpower challenge, it is this reason you should go to for motivation when struggling, and empowerment for when the right choice has been made
      • Practice 5 min of mediation each day, it’s an act of willpower to just stay still and try to focus on your breathing – doesn’t matter if it’s shitty; it’s practice!
      • Plan out a strategy for how to go about this, build a positive habit routine around it, share willpower is an unnecessary hard strategy


Now we all have our challenges – That’s why I want you to adapt this challenge to your context & willpower issues, focusing in on one. Personally, and I’d love you to join me, I will be focus in on what I believe is one of the things that effects the biggest part of our life – SLEEP –  decisions, feelings, wellbeing – it’s just one of those silver bullets that can change absolutely everything – and I’m speaking out of my own experience!

But If you think you’re a have your sleep figured out – make another willpower challenge out of this week; eating; training; being in time; you know your weak spots – chose one that you feel is the most urgent thing to fix in your life.

BUT BEWARE; you might think you have your sleep figured out because you’re use to your current amount of sleep, it feels like it always feels and your functioning alright with that! But, you can absolutely get around with too little sleep, but it’s when you’ve really have started to pay attention to the difference when you realise what an incredible difference it makes.

My  comming Sleep routine this week:

  • The Que – the alarm goes off on hour before you should lay in bed
  • My experience tells me it takes time to shut down what you’re doing.
  • Action; going to sleep, but you have the reward of the good book; it will pull you; something to long for a carrot for actually going to bed. That’s the instant reward of actually going to bed!

Some other willpower challenges could be:

      • 60 Minutes of cardio a week
      • Sleeping 1 hour more
      • 30 min of book reading each day
      • Having my home nice and tidy
      • Not losing control of my eating on the evenings

Good luck, and commit to me in the comments if you’re doing this challenge!

With Love, Alexander




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