Trying out new things & Breaking old habits – Weekly Challenge #30

Trying out new things & Breaking old habits – Weekly Challenge #30


Time for a new week challenge – and this time I can barely contain my self – this is almost like a free-give-away challenge that is all fun!

Does your days always look the same –  the same routine and old habits that makes it hard to distinguish one day from the other? Why not let this week be one of those week’s that totally stand out from the rest of them – a week to remember! And all by doing some tweaks and changes to all the small things you have stopped taking notice to and just do by old habit.  Try something new; another breakfast, no breakfast, morning training, no morning training, happy music playlist in the morning, audiobook on your way to work/school, change your commute route to work/school, try meditating the first thing you do, try planning your day out, try planning your day out the night before, write a gratitude journal, text someone you love – TRY ANYTHING THAT BREAKS YOUR OLD HABITS AND ROUTINES;

      • Try out new ways of training; group training, outdoors training, new sports
      • Mix up your old eating habits – try new things, try fasting, try vegan, try meat, try something you’ve never had before!
      • Buy some new clothes, or look through the wardrobe and use some of those things that has been forgotten about! The same goes for your shoes, jackets, hats, gloves – all of it!
      • Try a new haircut, try and old haircut, try a new makeup (not for me though)
      • Doing something fun after work/school – hang out with a friends you haven’t seen in a while and do something fun. Ever went to the cinema in the middle of the week?
      • Do something unexpected and push yourself out of your comfort zone – talk to some random people on the street or maybe ask a person out for a date! Call people you haven’t spoken to in a while!

I think you get the picture by know, and hopefully you are as excited as I am about this one. So I am going to change up as much as possible and try new things during the week – and that are all the “fluffy” directions I’m going to give – you chose how far you want to take this!

It will require some energy and willpower to make a bunch of new decisions you’re not use to doing – because making choices depletes us of our willpower and energy (look into “the willpower instinct” by Kelly McGonigal if you want to know more about it). But sometimes we just need change, even though we may have awesome routines and habits implemented, it’s good to break old habit just to get a new perspective on things and maybe just feel alive again! So the idea isn’t to toss all the things we worked so hard for to implement, but for five days, we are going to go on vacation from all that, or at least tweak them up a bit! For instance, I have to do my guided meditation practice on the morning to get myself ready for the day, but this week I’m going to try a different kind of mediation practice and maybe I’ll find something that works better for me! We just don’t know until we try new things – just think about how you’ve got the habits you have now, you tried something new, liked it and made a routine out of it!


So that’s the idea, take this as far as you want, and let me know how it goes in the vlog. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a challenge as this time. I’ve already done a lot of preparations and planning for the week – ready for a memorable week. But that’s just if you want to go all in, you can do this without a lot of preparations. Remember – it should be fun!

Good luck guys, & see you in the vlog!



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