The fear of Loneliness – Weekly Challenge #86

Do you often feel alone? Is loneliness just something we’ve created as a result of the social norms or is it actually a fundamental human need we must satisfy?

Being an introvert, I love to be alone. And short micro moments of connection can last me long. But once and a while I get overflown with a feeling of loneliness after isolating myself for too long.

I If you look into the shame researcher Brené Brown’s latest book “Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone”. She differs one being alone and feeling alone, it will tell you that it’s far more dangerous to be alone, than it is to be smoking. Damn.

So, with a curiosity dying to be satisfied, my quest of the week is to deepen my understanding of the topic. Not only because I want to share it with you guys, but I need to find answers to adopt better to cop and adapt better with my own relationship to loneliness.

So the challenges of the week will be to read this book, and look into other sources, and try to share my take on it in the Friday live evaluation.

BUT, also, personal growth is mainly built through ACTION. That’s why I’m also taking on some facing fear challenges, doing at least one social push out of my comfort zone every day. However, I’m starting of this challenge with a big one, going out there in the real world, asking real people what their take on loneliness is. Now this is for sure going to result in some rejections, and that’s great! It’s Great because getting use to handle rejection is invaluable ability to have.

So if you’re up for some social challenges – commit to me in the comments and make this week become a week of personal growth.

Youtube video will be posted in the week!

See you in the next one,







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