Trying New Things & Breaking Old Habits

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Hey guys!

It’s time for a new – old – week challenge focused on breaking old habits and routines and trying new things. It’s about cutting lose from our fixed patterns and “the one and only way” to do things and live our lives. Why? Because once and a while we need breath of fresh air, to be able to look at things in a new perspective. And yes, I know I’m the one that keeps nagging on about how we should implement habits and routines and how that’s the key to long-term sustainable success – and I still firmly believe so.

But even the good things we’ve built up, doesn’t harm to take a break from once and a while. Because I am not telling you to throw it all a side for ever –  no! This is just one week where we pledge to do things a bit differently. To allow ourselves – push ourselves – to try new things, or to maybe just realise how good some of those things we do on a regular basis really are for you, and hence we’ll appreciate them even more after this little “vacation”. So – it’s a win win!

So the objective of this week is super simple – just try to swap out as much as possible from your regular life during this week! This could for instance mean:

  • Listen to new music; the last time I did this challenge I discovered loads of new musicians in genres I’ve never would have considered listen to otherwise!
  • Try out new ways of training; group training, outdoors training, new sports, or maybe pause your training in favour for some long nice walks!
  • Mix up your eating habits – try new things, try vegan, try meat, try something you’ve never had before! Be bald, be
  • Buy some new clothes, or look through the wardrobe and use some of those things that has been forgotten about! The same goes for your shoes, jackets, hats, gloves – all of it!
  • Try a new haircut, try and old haircut, try a new makeup (not for me though)
  • Do something fun after work/school; go see a play, concert, go to the cinema or an art gallery – look through what’s going on in your city right now!
  • Hang out with a friend(s) you haven’t seen in a while or go try find a new friend! A call to a person you haven’t spoken to in a while could make your day!
  • Do something unexpected and push yourself out of your comfort zone – talk to some random people on the street or maybe ask a person out for a date or use tinder to find a date!

So that’s it – super fun, right? This is actually the second time we do this challenge, last time was sixteen week’s ago and you can find the text here: and the video playlist from that week here:

5 days of changing things up – you can do it!

See you in the week for some vlogging or Friday for the live evaluation! Where we also do an INDIVIDUAL evaluation on our own – looking through and evaluating our goal progression for the week that has been.

/Alexander 🙂






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