Biting of more than I can chew.

Literally. Damn me. I hate that I’m too stubborn to quit on something I’ve promised myself to do. Why should I write for 30 days when I love making videos, and this is for sure going to capitalize on my video making efforts. I work 10 hours+ each day, have more than two hours of travel time, and now this? And did I mention I’m trying to implement like ten new habits this month. Also, This Week’s YouTube Challenge is to define ‘My Why’, life purpose – call it whatever! Let’s just say It’s not something you do in five minutes. Yeah, I’m having a hard time chewing all this. BUT, I also know that life happens when I’m all and about life. Through experience. It’s a balance, and I prefer it this way in contrast to the other way around.

Okay, so if this is going to work I need some boundaries. I’m going to give myself a time span of 40 minutes maximum each day. That’s it, that’s all. With that being said, in case my timer runs out before I get to what has been my top moment of the day – let’s spill it out:

My Russian crush I went on a spontaneous staged-but-kind-of-real date with yesterday has stayed in my head all day long. In a good way, like when the alcohol actually does do something good for you. I just have to see here again. Did I mention she’s a Yoga teacher? Well she is – and that shaped an idea in my head. I read a lot of things about healthy living. A lot. And Yoga kind of always pops up. Get some meditation in there, become more flexible, hang out and sweat together with good looking people – easy sell!

No, it’s really not. It’s just too boring to do on my own or with some random YouTube guide. At least the very thought of doing it doesn’t excite me enough! And when I’m at the gym.. Well, all the other things are so fun, and I did try it once in a group session. I felt like the odd man out not doing things even remotely similar to how the instructor did it. I have more fun lifting or doing other wired stuff on my own, and hence I never returned. So much for that stubbornness hu?

BUT SO, perhaps this could be my opportunity to get some first hand Russian pro-yoga-awesome-skills? Getting home from work two hours ago (not allowed to use facebook during daytime – one of my newly implemented productivity habits), I wrote her and asked:

Yepp. A good idea will play out tomorrow evening, and I bet you are as excited as for how this will turn out. Or maybe this is the very last sentence you’ll read of my blog, realizing you have more important things to spend your time on. Seriously – don’t you? Or she reads this and think I’m wired and cancels the whole thing ( I know you won’t ? ).

Anyways, I thought I’d briefly discuss my relationship to food in this post… Because it isn’t normal and it runs my life. Which I intend to change. I’ll give you the short story – When I was a kid I was kind of fat. The end.

Can you find me 😉 ?

Well, I guess there’s more to it. I Loved eating all the junk I could come over (that’s what families ate in the 90’s – sugar, sugar, sugar) Having a mum making the most delicious buns ever, like all the time, you can imagine how that ended.. Eventually at around 12 years of age, I hit a turning point after not being able to eat for like two-three weeks (thank god for the flu!). I lost a shitload of weight.

Eventually I started exercising as well, and gradually went from eating everything to eating nothing (corner stone habit). I got the hang of it after a while when finally educating myself and realizing that you kind of need to eat too to get big and strong. The girls liked that, at least I bought in to that idea. Or they (you?) don’t want you skinny as a leaf!

Today, my life is on the healthier side, at least on surface level, because it’s still not a ‘healthy’ relationship I have. Far from it. Once you see yourself as fat, you’ll never abandon that self-image. At least I haven’t. And that kind of works against you at times and messes with your head. And health.

Ops, I just realized over an hour went by. And I need to eat.. This is a good example of how this plays out today. I’ve trained three times,  a total of 13 km plus some intense boxing at the gym, yet I have failed to eat more than 1500 kcal. I trick myself to push the meals further in to the evening – it’s my big reward. And now the clock is almost eleven, and I need to get up 1 t 6. Thank god for peanut butter, bananas and almonds..

See you tomorrow, and I guess I know where to big up the thread..!

Hej då, Ciao,  привет тогда


Weirdest moment(s) of the day:

When I said hello to three different random girls while running home on my way from work, I kind of go desensitised after this challenge I did some weeks ago:

Quote of the day:

“Not giving a fuck is not about being indifferent. It just means you’re comfortable with being different. Don’t say fuck it to everything in life, just to the unimportant things.”

– Mark Mansson

 YouTube video of the day:

I’ve seen it a bunch of times, but it’s a good one in the teaching of mastering humor!

3 Jokes Guaranteed To Make People Laugh –

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