Doing the things that never gets done – Weekly Challenge #35


Hey guys & welcome to this week’s challenge – Doing the things that never gets done!

I’ll get straight to the point, we are going to make things happen this week, doing the things that we know we should do, but never get around to do. It’s so easy to get caught up in our everyday life; in a reactive state just dealing with what’s beneath our nose. Yet we all have these things that we want to, should do, or maybe have to do. Still, it just never seems to happen. However, it does drain us on energy and makes us feel bad about ourselves for not taking action. But that’ll change this week! Our objectives are to make three of these thing happen, small or big things, it’s up to you! But I recommend you to take on those things that has been cluttering your mind day in and day out lately, no matter of daunting it may seem. Or if it’s just a big pile of laundry eyeballing you every day,

So that’s it, preferably schedule three things today which you are going to do some time this week before Friday. Where, how and when – Be as specific as you can and put it in your calendar!


ALTOUGH, before you get into planning mode, I want you to get crystal clear with your WHY – the reason for why you’re actually should do these things. Get to the bottom of it, what’s the true reason behind it? Is there even one? Maybe you shouldn’t invest your valuable time in it, ben then make a distinct decision about that, and move on with your life! Or if it is, visualise all the good things that it will result in, and feel yourself being deeply motivated to do this!

Also, when it comes down to the planning, brake down your BIG task into small actionable doings. If you’re starting a new training regime, what’s the first thing you need to do to move yourself forwards in that project? Buy a pair of jogging shoes; find what gym you should start at? Make that thought process, and you’ll find it’s much easier to get started – which for most of us is the hardest part!

Good luck, and commit to me in the comments if you’re going to do this challenge – let me know what you plan to do in the week:)


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