Don’t self-sabotage your life

What a great, great, great day!

Yesterday I stayed isolated and barely talked to anyone. It was the result of work focus and fasting. Left me feeling a bit, well not like I had a great day at least. But I got so much work done! Balance Alex, balance.

Today, I decided to do the opposite. At least social wise (broke my fast at lunch and it didn’t impact me as much). Picked a desk more centrally located (we have an open workspace where you can sit wherever you want). This is a fear for me. I Like having my own private space. Like it a bit too much. But when the opportunities are there, it’s harder to avoid them. Adapt your surrounding to support what it is that you seek. Whether it’s training, food or social life.

Pushed myself time over time to interact and socialize. And yes, as I’ve already spoiled it – had a GREAT DAY. … AND I got a lot of work done. I really need to look out for how I’m self-sabotaging my life.

What are you doing that isn’t benefiting you?

Was in such a good mod on my walk home that I impulsively stopped a very beautiful girl and told her just that

“excuse me, I just have to tell you that you are very beautiful”

“Oh, thank you!”

She said a bit surprised. And I quickly replied

” Have a nice day !”

She smiled and I walked away.

Had another fear EXCITING fear facing moment I won’t tell you about, as it’ll spoil my Sunday video;)!

More to it, I pushed myself to have a really serious and tough conversation with a person. For sure the toughest moment of the day, but felt so proud for doing it.

I’m telling you, don’t shade away from these important conversations you really should have. It’s a game changer.


Routine #2 – New thing

 Ops, have to make something happen this evening! What shall I do…


Routine #3 – The fail

Fail of the day: Broke my glass food lunch box! That sucked. Learning, don’t be so clumsy. I had it coming as I was carrying it in a very risky way.

See you tomorrow, Fear Facers,


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