I dare myself…

08,00: Saturday morning. Been procrastinating for an hour now. I really need to work on my presentation. My Little brother is building himself a new computer just next to me, and my all over the place hungry brain now wants to do that too. I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TODAY: I KNOW WHAT I MUST FOCUS ON. I NEED TO DARE MYSELF, TO PUT UP A FEAR CHALLENGE IF THIS IS GOING TO WORK. AND I NEED TO PUT IT OUT HERE TO UTILIZE THE POWER OF SOCIAL COMMITMENT TOO.

– The Fear Dare

Free from all kinds of internet and social media until 18.00 this evening. Unless it’s critical to move forward on my presentation. No, this is not a lope whole. Let’s f*ucking do this.


Also, would you be interested in an EMail notification/news letter every time I post?


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