Live life the way you don’t know how to – yet

Just got back  to a rainy Sweden, punctuating my three day long Italien work trip. As a coindence, it also happens to end my blog-every-day-for-entire-january-challenge. It’s been an interessting little journey, which I’ve both loved and hated. Hated all those moments when I’ve just craved nothing else but food or sleep, dying from exhaustion after a long work day.

“No alex, now you need to sit down and write something”

Like right nlow, it’s two o’ clock at night, and I have to get up working early in the morning (yet I wrote a blogpost celebrating sleep the other day – hypocrite!) But then it’s also the part of accomplishing something that I sat out to do, and getting that win daily. More to it, I’ve discovered someting greater – a whole new relationship to writing that has given me a new way of expressing thoughts, reflections and ideas. For this I’m very gratefull, and I feel it’s something that will benefit me greatly in the future. But so this also means I’m not going to be postaing daily from now on. Instead the Youtube channel will once more get most of the attention.

But the major point I want to make in this blog post, is to constantly push yourself to do the things that’s hard and uncomfortable. Those things that you know on some gut feeling will benefit you, even if it feels idiotic at times. I was so close to quitting my blog post challenge after 6 days. Soo close. But I stuck with it, beacuse it just felt like someting I needed to do. And as I spoke about in yesterdays blog post, variety is good. When we push ourselves out of that comfortable little place of ours, that’s when we experience how much more life has to offer. And I’m not saying all the things we do will work out great, of course not. But as long as we make sure to learn from those moments too – then there’s value to be extracted!

I mean, I’m quite comfortbale in my nature, and I could defently say that I’m satisifed with the way I’m living my life right now. The same thing could however have been said a few years ago too. And if i then would have seattled for that… All he things I would have missed out on! Makes me cry just hinking about it. And with that logic, the same scenario could be equally true right now. I need to keep experiencing new things, but never forgett to enjoy the process. Not chasing the win of tomorrow.  Because it’s at this very moment when life happens.

For instance all my work my develpoing my social side is really starting to pay of. Going from having a real hard time enjoying conversations, constantly judgning my self too hard, to having quite an easy time to get to know new people and just enjoy the crap out of all these moments! A great example is this evening’s flight home to Stockholm, where I sat next to these two great crazy girls named Tara and Nataile. I just had a blast getting to know them as we spoke continuously from start to landing.

This is something that only has been possible as a result of me constantly pushing myself to improve my ability to connect with people. Sitting here smiling thinking of this great evening, I feel so proud for not giving up on myself and settling for how I once thought a good life was. And the best thing is that once you’ve got a taste of the ‘developing life’, you’ll always be hungry for more. You start seeing life as this organic thing that happens continuously, and it’s up to you to keep that fire going.


Thanks for stopping my, and see you when I see you:)

P.S. I might have been a bit repetitive.. but it’s emotioanl writing right now since I’m so tiered I don’t know squat.. Legg day? No, that’s not until sunday,, Nighty!


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