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Hey guys!

It’s time for a new weekly challenge, and this time that means throwing ourselves into week two of the rejection therapy!  We do this to build self-esteem and get used to handle the fear of rejection to be able to go after all the things we want in life! Now this is the second week we do this, and if you want to see those videos just press here:

But so, what is Rejection Therapy? It’s about desensitizing yourself to rejection – getting so used to that “NO” that it doesn’t scare you anymore. It’s just part of the process of going after what you want. Because we all want stuff, weather it’s in the areas of relationships, things, career or whatever. If we can learn how to implement the mindset of not straying away from the most efficient way of getting to you goal, we have so tremendously much to win. Life becomes more fun, exciting and we learn that we actually can do things we never thought was possible. ALSO, this is building our self-esteem like nothing else. Maybe a stretch, but it’s an incredibly good exercise to strengthen it. Without going in to the details, self-esteem is strengthening when we do the right thing, acting as our ideal self, no matter how hard or painful it might be. To quote Nathaniel Branden, the bible author of The six pillars of Self-esteem;

“Self esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.”

Now just because you go out there and ask the things you’d want, it necessarily doesn’t mean that they’ll come true. But then at least we won’t live with regrets. We tried. Of course, you can always try harder, but that’s another discussion. At least we tried one possible way. And we can be proud, we can feel our self-esteem raise. An amazing feeling. And it gives us more energy to do it again, and again, until that fear of rejection is incomparable small to how it used to be.

We can get rid of:

  • The anxitiy leading up to us making the asking the question
  • Getting more comfortable in the actualy talking moment, daring to drag it out for longer and longer – learning how to negoiate
  • Handling the actually respons/rejection
  • BUILDING self-esteem as we are doing what we have set out to do; doing what we know will benmnefit us and is the right thing top do.

SO how are we going to do this challenge?

Jia Jiang is the guy who inspired this challenge, as he went out and did a 100 days of rejection therapy and vlogged about it. You can find him over at where you also will find some tips for how to go about this, or just inspiration for some questions/requests;

Jia Jinag’s 5 tips:

#1 – REJECTION TIP: Set a number of how many rejections you can face before you give up on your goal. My number was 100.

#2 – Always prepare a good reason WHY you are asking for something so you can explain your sometimes crazy requests

#3 – Be confident in your requests. If you’re nervous or scared, people will feel your unease and be less likely to say yes.

#4 – If someone says no, ask how you can help make it happen. Rejections are gateways into negotiations. When you ask how, you have the chance to collaborate and turn your no into a yes.

#5 – I focused on rejection attempts that would make me fearless. As you get rejected, create your own attempts to conquer your fears!

Because the objectives of this week is to go out there and put ourselves in firing line for rejection each day this week, Monday through Friday. In order to make this really self-esteem building, it should be questions/requests that align with your wants and beliefs, or something on your bucket list – something that moves your life forward. Now If it’s too hard to come up with those things, pick something which you know will probably will get you rejected. You can find inspiration from Jia Jiang, or my first week. Have in mind that people love to share experiences, talk to people that are passionate about what they’re doing. But remember that the important thing is to just do it, don’t let the small details hinder you.

The only rule is that you CAN’T LIE – as that is devastating for your Self-Esteem.

So that’s it! Hope you’re excited, because I really am! And make sure to stop by during the week as I’ll be posting every day (hopefully).


Good luck!



P.S. If you want some more inspiration, try reading Jia Jiang’s book ”Rejection Proof”, I’m only on the second chapter but I’m liking it a lot so far!

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