Sunday Fears – Check!

Happy Sunday!

On today’s fear facing list we have:

  • Posting my vulnerable YouTube video

This one is quite tough for me to share – because it really puts me in a vulnerable position since so many of my friends are a part of it. Strangers are easier, less investment, less to lose. But the fact is that what I say in the video, is what went down in my head.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because I know that I’m not alone, and I know that very fact can be supportive and inspiring to other people. Yet it’s so hard to talk about, but it’s the only way forward. I know it, you know it.

  • Did a 40-minute Guided Meditation session by Joe Dispenza

Fear of meditation? Yes, sitting down and being “unproductive” is one of scariest things I know of. I’d been wanting to try this particular one out since my friend had really pushed for it. I came up with excuses and never got around to it. Until a really good opportunity emerged today and I still talked myself out of it. BUT then my fear radar went bananas. If I didn’t do it now, when would I do it? Everything was perfect, yet it scared me so much that I made up all kinds of stories to not. I identified the fear, defined the action and then executed. Tricked myself into it.

“okay you only have to do the first five minutes of it, then it’s REALLY okay to turn it off.”

It ended up being one of the most profound & spiritual moments in my life. That shit is crazy. But only if you’re susceptible to it. I was.

This is also part of why I avoid getting into the details of Meditation, you simply don’t grasp the greatness of it until you started to experience some of it yourself. And getting all wired about it scares people away – which I don’t wanna do. Hence I just say, trust the process and find out for yourself.

New Thing(s):

  • Took an hour to learn new colour correction skills.

So glad I invested time in this, will save me a bunch in the long run and enable me to be more creative with my videos.

My video:

Another great day of growth! What did you do today?

See you tomorrow, #FearFacer


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