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This channel is about living the life YOU want to live. Period.

But What does that really mean? And how do we go about doing that? Well, there are some different fundamental pieces we need to have in order to do that, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is one model, see figure below. But what it fails to realise is the importance of self-esteem and how it makes all the other pieces available. But I’m not going go into the details of that now, but it is something I’ve deeply come to understand after implementing Nathaniel Branden’s book The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem into my life.

So, again, how do we go about LIVING THE LIFE WE WANT here on this channel? Well, for us it means utilising the known tools for how we build our self-esteem and taking the necessary – SCARY- action that stand between us and the life we want. Please don’t mistake me, this is not some never ending quest of one day reaching that vision. It’s about enjoying life every day and realizing that the journey is the life we so long for, we just have to learn how to embrace this journey.

The long version. I love my weekly challenge format. It makes for a clear and focused timeline to set up a goal that can lead to some serious advancement on towards your goals. Growth. Part of what life is all about.

Although I’ve been a bit shattered with the clarity, jumping theme between week’s. Now I’m going to continue to be a bit all over the place, I’m trying to find my way of doing this. But the one thing I’ve never abended is the personal growth journey it has been for me. Egoistic perhaps? Put that’s what partly giving me that internal drive to keep pushing on, and I’m inviting you on the journey to grow along side with me. Through sweet, blood and tears.

Because I’ve come to realise something, to live the life I truly want to live, it requires some got damn hard effort. And I’m ready to all that. I am determined to live life the way I want to. A life not free from fears, but a life we I constantly and persistently overcome the paralysis of fear,  getting to comfortable and settling for the baseline. But I want to live life to its fullest. I feel obligated, no I owe it to myself and the opportunity I’ve been given to do so. I’m not going to waste it away. I’m just not, and neither should you.

So what does this translate to? Well as I said, I’m not quite certain, yet, and maybe this channel will be a constant growing and evolving thing.  But at least for now it will be about this; FACING FEARS AND LIVING THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE. I want to build companies. I want to date girls. I want to create awesome content. I want to be a great businessman. I want to be able to connect with anybody anywhere. I want this, and I want that.  What do you want? And how do we go about getting those things?

Through my deep studies of self-esteem though the help of Nathaniel Branden’s book The Six pillars of self-esteem I’ve gotten quite clear on the structure on how to go about outlining goals, actions, monitoring behaviours and evaluating outcomes. Every level with its critical part, but I want to make this channel about the necessary ACTIONS to take us towards our goals – constantly sharing reflections with you through the eyes of self-esteem.  Its relatively easy to sit down and say ‘I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that’, but then actually doing it? Boy is that a whole different story.

So;  Face Your Fears, and live life the you want to live is the deal. Like Rejection therapy, but it’s the fear of doing the action that’s really the big thing. I quickly came to realise through my rejection therapy challenges that the rejection in itself almost never was any problem for me, but it was the fear of taking action. So that’s why I’m changing the focus from the rejection itself, to the paralysis of fear – doing the things we’re afraid of.

So each week there’s going to be a life theme area, and we are going to specify some scary as action to take that will move us towards the long term goals we are seeking – wanting – needing! These actions will be scary, you will fear them. But by taking the necessary action repeatedly we will start to get used to doing what needs to be done no matter how scary it may seem at first glance; weather the action succeeds or not, we have acted in the direction we thought was going to move us forward, we have built self-esteem. So, the result is a win-win no matter the outcome – Great! And yeah, it may seem easy when you think about, but when you’re standing there and are about to do it… it sure as heck won’t feel like it there and then.

Now the details will be carved out as we go, one life area every week, or maybe a specific area for a specific week day, we’ll just have to see where it takes us. As you might notice that this isn’t really much of a different from the rejection therapy challenges I’ve been doing, and it’s true there isn’t much of a difference. But sometimes tiny tweaks make for a whole lot of difference.

To not lose the focus of the Self-esteem building actions for this channel, each week is going to have its sub focus in the foreground with one of the six pillars – giving some reflection through one of these pillars.  Maybe you’ll notice, maybe not, future will tell.

So this first week the theme is Business / Career Development and the Objectives are to make one of these actions happen every day to move you towards your long-term goals. And if you don’t have any goals – then it’s about time you get some!

If you can only do one day, then do one day – that’s plenty better then ZERO!





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