What is going on?!

Routine #1 – Daily fear facing:

 – Dare to challenge myself, again

Yesterday I put up a fasting challenge and going hardcore focus on one task. It was amazing. And so was the fasted workout I did afterwards. Or well, I actually I took an EAA drink just before the workout. But 40 kcal of energy doesn’t really give you any energy boost. Not that I needed it, because the energy yesterday was intense.

But so when I woke up today, I was a bit curious to see if I could repeat yesterday’s doing. However, subconsciously it scared me so I never fully articulated these thoughts. At first. Because then my awareness radar beeped, and I identified the fear. I still had a ton of work to do and really could benefit from another super Productive day.

So, repeat Challenge: Super focused work day punctuated with a strength workout. All fasted. Reward: Evening dinner.

And once again, here I am. Just having finished an AMAZING WORK DAY & A BLOD PUMPING CHEST/TRICEPS WORKOUT. I don’t know if it’s the fasting, my ability to stay focused to the all-in determination, or if it’s a combination of it all. But I’m living it, I’m loving it and I’m repeating it.

– Express my type of humour


We have an internal social media platform kind of like Facebook. It also has a wall where You can post whatever on. Usually, it’s related to a business or some kind of event that has happened. Anyways, I’d taken a picture of one of my colleges last week. Which he and I had a discussion about yesterday as he thought I didn’t come off happy on pictures.

So today I felt like messing around a bit with him and posted the picture on the wall with a humoristic funny tone to it. Making it a questionnaire about what his thoughts were. It was all in good spirit and it was a really nice picture. It felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was an expression of my type of humour and who I am – so I did it.

Later during the day one of my other colleges said that she didn’t get the point of the post. I explained but I’m not sure that she thought it was that funny. Hard to tell, and you know where my worst-case-scenario-brain instinctively goes. But it doesn’t matter as long as I didn’t hurt anyone. Which I really don’t think I did! And I still think it was funny. But I couldn’t help but to be a bit anxious about it. But this is good practice, standing up for who you are and expressing that can be really tough!

Routine #2 – Doing something New

– ….

As the time right now is closing in on 17,00, I haven’t been able to do something new. Yet. Or well, when I think about it I tried a new Green Tea flavour today. That was nice. But I’m in the mood for something more, so we’ll see what the evening has to offer!

See you tomorrow, Fear Facer,


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