One of those days.

Routine #1 – Daily Fear Facing 


Routine #2 – New thing

Went groery shopping. put on the Baby driver soundtrack. Danced my way to a full basket of food. In my own bubble. Nice.

Routine #3 – The Daily Fail

Day started great. woke up early and in the right mood. Amazing workout. Nice live stream. At least felt proud for doing it. I was hungry to then get out and do some social challenge to make a nice video out of… I just needed to hand in my paper, since I’m studying movie theory part-time. Figured I’d be done by 15.00. at 21.00 I sent it in.  It took me all day. Minus the quick 15 minute dance stop at the grocery store.  And it trashed me on the way. No time over. What am I doing. Need to take a look at my prioritize. Can’t allow me to feel this way, not this often. Fuck, I just want too much in too little time!

see you tomorrow, Fear facer,



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